Friday, 30 December 2011

Abusing Saturn - A Study on the Magical Current of the Nazis

Recently I shared some thoughts about the disproportionally strong Saturnian influence on German Magic over the last century. In particular I stumbled across the realization how severely the Second WorldWar and the Nazi philosophy had influenced not only the German approach to magic but also the German land itself. 

In essence it was a single thought that continuously came back to me...

"Just think of the photos from the bombed cities in Dresden, Munich, Berlin, etc. What if on a spiritual level the rebuilding has never been completed - and all the darkness of these years is still stuck within the land? How much further healing work will it take to restore this country back to the beauty it deserves? "

So over recent weeks I set out to learn more about the state of the German land from a magical perspective. While this work is still ongoing - and will be for a longer while - I also dug in to better understand what exactly had happened during WWII from a magical point of view...

With the kind help of Josephine's works I managed to study on the subject in the Inner Library. That was an intense experience, quite unexpected as so often when we travel outside of our own time and realm... On return I followed up with a Tarot reading and managed to understand the flow the actual energies at work took from from being an initial spark, a raw idea to becoming fully materialized in the horrors we all know about.

After some consideration I decided to make all the knowledge I received public. Of course it may very well be that it is of personal use to myself only - in which case I hope the account can still inspire your own magical investigations. At the same time, however, it might be that some of this information is relevant beyond my personal realm. In which case I hope it can help to deepen our joint understanding as magicians of the forces we can unleash - while miserably failing at understanding their true dynamic and nature.

I called this account 'The Bridge'. Because this is what the magical current of the Nazis essentially established. A bridge between two realms that just worked slightly different from what they had hoped for. As so often in life and magic - the devil is in the detail.


Note: as with all the new pages on you can also download the article as a PDF for more convenient offline reading.


  1. This is a very interesting and important subject matter and your explorations are fascinating. Thankyou for sharing this.

  2. It wouldn't have been possible without the guidance of your books! Thanks from my side, Josephine.

  3. This is one part of your history that very few or none would explore. Remarkable courage.

  4. Thanks, Ylem. We only get the challenges thrown at us that we are ready to face... Still a bit sursprised though. But indeed I am surrounded by truly wonderful people all around. All courage comes from them.

  5. Thanks for calling Evola a fascist. Too many people make excuses for his reprehensible politics or even laud it in their hurry to embrace his magic.

    I still am not sure, though, about the Saturnian angle here. Can we not say that Saturn has its beneficial side in terms of limits and boundaries? So the other side of discipline is knowing one's limits--and recognizing the boundaries of others that one should not cross. Yes, Saturn is about death, but are not most of the Saturnian deities also, in their oldest form, associated with agriculture and thus rebirth, renewal?

  6. Harold - we are fully on the same page. Saturn itself is very useful and much eeded force in our lives. I actually spent my most ritual retreats on Saturn and becoming a vehicle of his influence, rather than an obstacle... That is exactly why I called this post 'Abusing (!) Saturn'. Cause hat's what the Nazis did. Hope that makes sense?

  7. Yes, that makes sense. Thanks.

  8. Huh. I always thought the Nazis were primarily concerned with the Sun, not Saturn. Oh well. The Swastika/sonnenrad/schwarze sonne are of course solar symbols.

    As for abuse? What happened to Germans, during and after WWII, was truly terrible.

  9. @Beneath the Firmament: Good point. When you want to work with such powerful currents as the Nazi's did I don't think you work with one planetary principle only. E.g. I can see strong influences of the Sun in what I described in 'The Bridge' report. Just consider all the commentary around their vision, a higher purpose, as well as love... Yet, what they ultimately perverted the most was the principle of Saturn in their flawed adoration for strength and hardness. Just my humble opinion though.

    On your other point on abuse: If you start two world wars over the course of some 30 years - you better be prepared for a strong backlash, right? Surely terrible things happened to Germans after WWII, but it still was only a shadow of what they had done to others in terms of scale and vision.