Thursday, 9 February 2012


Yes, it was time to relocate indeed...

Actually the trigger to move didn't come from this place - but from my webpage on Both, the webpage and this blog are now available under one URL - allowing much easier navigation and lot's of space for expansion in the future.

A bit of background... During recent months I just struggled making the growing amount of online content available on in a way that was still structured and simple enough to allow for easy navigation. Unfortunately the software platform I was based on didn't provide the necessary features. Without drop down menus and sidebars it just became cumbersome and confusing to explore new and existing content... 

Thus I decided to find a more scalable solution. After some soul-searching about my lack of CSS skills and the very limited time budget I am running all my magical and web presence activities on I settled with --- Fast forward one week of vacation, a unhealthy doses of shoulder-pain, coffee and square eyes - and ready is the new home.

Well, but just like with all real moves excitement and stress are keeping a fine balance still. So please take my apologies in advance for all links I couldn't fix yet or any other hiccups that still hide on the new pages... It is still a place for slow and organic growth just like it used to be before. 

Finally, many of you had provided feedback that while black and grey are nice colors they don't make for a very good online reading experience? I heard you. Thus 'white' has turned into the new 'black' and the new webpage should be as bright and reader-friendly as it gets. - Please keep your constructive feedback coming!

Now, with all the technical work of the relocation done and dusted I can return to the actual point of being here - i.e. to do real magic and share experience, setbacks and learnings. So here is a preview at the stuff that I will tackle to get online over the forthcoming weeks...
  • The first chapter of my study on the Holy Guardian Angel in various cultures is finally finished. The initial chapter will examine the Chaldeans and what they thought about spirit guardians and personal demons...
  • After sharing the book review of Josephine's Magical Knowledge I I started to explore and practice the actual techniques from the book in more detail. While some of the experiences made are too personal for sharing publicly, I am still set to follow up with another post on Opening the Contacts in the Four Quarters as well as the presence of the Underworld Goddess.
  • Finally, coming back from a short vacation last week I had the chance to meet some more of my ancestors in the Inner Realms - quite unexpectedly actually. This time I had a chat with a very old Celtic statue and the spirit that still resides in it. Fascinating to say the least! 

So, I hope to see you all soon on the other side of the web. For now this will be the last post shared here on

Frater Acher

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