Monday, 24 January 2011

High Voltage for your Talismans

There is a little known talismanic technique for charging your talismans (or yourself!) with an exponential level of energy. The reason why this technique is still almost unknown today is because it only has been published twice: once 1928 without any textual explanation and again 1971 with a more elaborate analysis of its use and application. However, both publications are in German language and I couldn't find any reference to it in English literature yet.

The technique originated from the inner lodge materials of the OTO and later the Fraternitas Saturnis. Over several years I have successfully worked with this technique - and needed to tame the energies it created for clients on several occasions. That's why when I call it 'high voltage' it's to emphasize the source of power and risk it gives access to in equal terms...

You can find the full instructions on how to create a sigil from this technique - called the Glyph of the Moon - in this article:

Handle with care - and enjoy the ride!

Example of a talisman constructed
 from the Glyph of the Moon


  1. Wow, nice. A bit out of my pay grade but it does give me some nice ideas. thanks for posting.

  2. I find this fascinating. I've used astrological charts to make sigils before, but I always used the aspect lines to give it form.

    What I don't quite understand is what this is for and how to use it. I understand it's function as a "fingerprint", but what I don't get is what "it functions as an exponential charge of the subtle energies of that person or the talismanic structure it is applied to" means.

    You have some experience, and mention making them for people, what is the purpose of making them, when/why do you do it?

    Also is there a reason given why you use the Moon Qamea? Would other Qamea's and other amounts of circles create a talisman for a different result?

    Lastly why is Lorem Ipsum (...) inscribed around the edge?

    I know it's a lot of questions, but this technique fascinates me, and unfortunately I don't speak German.

  3. Let me try to answer your questions from my personal experience only:

    - You can use this type of sigil for any talismanic work: simply use the traditional talisman sigil on the front side (e.g. planetary sigils made from kameas, goetic sigils, etc.) and use the sigil derived from the Glyph of the Moon on the back. Glue them together with natural gum and e.g. include some incense in the middle part. By means of this the power contained in your traditional talisman will be 'exponentially charged' and directly linked to the person you made the Glyph of the Moon sigil for.

    - I can't give any details for rites I did for clients, but I hope the above is a useful example.

    - Neither the 1928 nor the 1971 publication explain why it is derived from the Moon Kamea specifically. This element might remain internal lodge knowledge for good... unless we find out from our own experience. If the moon, however, truly is the gate for all other planetary influences to go through - as Phul explained in my rite - then it makes sense to use the Moon Kamea as the unifying lens for the sigil

    - 'Lorem ipsum (...)' is nothing but a placeholder in this case. I just wanted to give an example of how the reverse side of a talisman could look like. In your own works I would replace this text with a Psalm or the intent of your work.

    I hope this helps to clarify the use of this technique. Should you have more detailed questions, don't hesitate to email me. No need to speak German...

  4. Thanks for you answer. Using this as the opposite side of another talisman, that makes sense to me. I was also thinking today of using this as a "charger station." I was taught to use planetary talismans/Qameas/glyphs as ways of imbuing items with that force. I wouldn't be surprised if you could put something on this, specifically in moonlight to charge it.

    I can see the Moon as Gateway idea working. I think if I find I like this technique I'd experiment with other Qameas and amounts of circles, see what happens.

    Thanks for the answers, I'm looking forward to experimenting with this.

  5. I think I see how this works, though I believe there may be a better method I can apply. Thank you for posting it. I will play with it and see what I can come up with. :)

  6. The link is broken, could u post another link?
    It sounds interesting so i'd love to take a look at this technique.

  7. Please go to www.myoccultcircle.command look in the 'Circle of Practice' category. The link is broken as the whole webpage moved. Thank you.

  8. Fascinating! Thank you so much for your work and sharing this with english speakers.

    The Moon is very important in Talismanic magic and typically requires special attention regardless of what the talisman is for. Like Yesod in the tree of life it "funnels" all of the higher sephirah into malkuth, so to speak. The moon is also a significator for magic and witchcraft, the astral realms as well growth, change & transformation ie: shifting tides, new-full moon cycles, menstration, lycanthropy.

    Not all would agree to the Moon's hand in guiding magical works however and Chapter 8 of the Picatrix states that the Nabatean sorcerors believed that it was the Sun, above all, who channeled the light of divinity into the world and was the sole arbiter in the works of magic.

    I think part of the issue is partly practical. The lunar Kamea is by far the largest and the other kameas are too small for using with another sigil as complex as a natal chart array. Saturn, along with the moon, is a significator for magic and alchemy but it's only 3x3.

    Also, as mentioned, the 19th/20th Century european magic that created this system and it's precedents was influenced by the energetic-magic theories of the time: Magnetism, mesmerism, vrill, reflecting ether, orgone, ect. This energetic worldview is very much tied to the Lunar/Yesod current.

    Another way you might use this is creating a composite chart for the Talisman and the person doing the working. A composite chart between two people could also be used for love magic or something similar.

    A bit late to the game but I thought I would share! Great blog!

  9. Hi there,

    Please can you relink the document ? links are not working,

    Many thanks!