Sunday, 9 January 2011

Arbatel Experience - Ritual of Ophiel

Bringing together the full account of the ritual for the Olympic Spirit of Ophiel was more work than expected - in a really good way. I find it fascinating how we tend to remember or forget aspects of our ritual experiences? 

Personally, the most vivid recollections I remember from most rituals are the actual spirit communication that takes place and the energy patterns that fill the circle space. What I tend to forget quickly is the gradual process of inducing ritual trance, the moments when things almost got out of balance as well as the intense preparations for the ritual act. Thus, bringing it all together was a very helpful exercise... Especially when thinking of the next ritual to come it gave me a much deeper understanding of the ritual process as well as the many 'blank spots' that remain on my map of understanding the Olympic Spirits and their influences on us.

The most characteristic element of this particular rite for Ophiel was that it was performed while Mercury was retrograde. These times tend to be stormy and unpredictable like currents in the tempest... This is also pretty much how Ophiel presented himself! Nevertheless his answers to my questions remained precise and unambiguous. Research on how his nature is connected to or distinct from Hermes, Tiriel or Taphthartharath certainly is an area that still leaves a lot to explore.

On this occasion I also want to thank David Rankine & Sorita d'Este for their book Practical Planetary Magick without which I would have never started this undertaking. Furthermore I want to thank The Scribbler for his Everything Arbatel Link List - a source that is indispensable for any magician working with the Arbatel. And most importantly Joseph Peterson for his wonderful 2009 edition of the Arbatel. As we all know, sometimes the pure beauty of a book can trigger projects that last much longer than expected...

I hope you'll enjoy the account of the rite. I tried to provide as much resources as possible, including the lamen and hebrew kamea of Ophiel, the liturgic book for download (in German), his secret Olympic Spirit name as revealed during the rite as well as a 'true and faithful relation' of what passed on one night in my temple...  

Photo of the basic temple set up

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