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Demon Drones - on the mediums of the Magical Current of Nazism - part 2

In the first post of this series we spoke about connecting the dots between the knowledge gained in the Inner Library and historical facts and events. Both sides of the mirror - inner and outer realms - hold one half of the truth. Only if we join them together can we understand how a current of energy unfolds all the way from Kether to Malkuth.

We then turned to look at two principle catalysts of the magical current of Nazism who are still little known outside of rightwing esoteric or runic circles today, Guido von List and Adolf Lanz. While their work and lives had major influences on the later mythology of Nazism I am convinced that they - like many others who followed - were much more instruments than active protagonists in the magical events that unfolded from 1933 onwards...

In order to conclude this highly abbreviated list of 'gates' for this destructive current to come through let's take a look at two further people...
  • Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946): Wiligut has been dubbed as the 'Rasputin of Himmler' - a rather lurid title that still paints a fair impression of the strong and continuos influence he had on Himmler. Interestingly by the time Wiligut was introduced to Himmler in 1933 he had already completed most of his working life. At this point Wiligut was 67 of age and had been retired from a highly decorated military career in Austria for 14 years. It was only after his retirement that he intensified his occult studies and became a member of Lanz' previously mentioned 'Ordo Novi Templi'. The interesting aspect about Wiligut - or 'Weisthor' as was his chosen name once he joined the SS - is that he claimed to have direct access to the ancestral memories of his ancient family, the Wiligotis. Thus Weisthor didn't had the need to research any of his claims about primeval events on the Germanic land but directly accessed them in trance via his blood-memory. Well, luckily Wiligut - because such a feature comes handy if no scientific proves at all can be found for your claims: e.g. that Germans didn't descend from apes but from ethereal spiritual beings that descended upon Earth high in the North, that natural disasters led to a destruction of their ancient civilization which in turn forced these pure 'Ur-Race' to migrate South and East where they helped to create the civilizations of Ancient India, Egypt, the Greek and later on the Roman empire... Really? However, marking Wiligut as a complete fraud would oversimplify things and not do justice to the records we can still access today about his activities. E.g. we know about an event when he fell into trance sitting in the back of an SS-car right next to Heinrich Himmler. The car was forced to stop at roadside and Wiligut jumped out still deep in trace. He ran off into the fields, Himmler and the other SS-men right behind him. At a remote point in the middle of nowhere he stopped and started to dig up the ground with his hands. An archeological dig was ordered at this point and indeed relicts of an ancient settlement were found underground... It were events like these that gained Wiligut significant influence over Himmler and made him the person to not only be allowed to design the death-head-ring of the SS but also to be closely linked to the annexation and rebuilding of the Wewelsburg into a formal education and ritual castle of the black SS order. Until today Wiligut remains one of the most arcane persons that deeply influenced the mythology of Nazism. Facts like his committal and incapacitation into an Austrian mental home for several years in Austria stand in stark contrast to the significant role he played in later years as Himmler's personal consultant and a high ranking SS officer.      
  • Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945): if we came close to the periphery of the occult centre of Nazism with exploring Weisthor we are entering its epicenter with the figure of Heinrich Himmler. In stark contrast to the other three 'gates of the current' we looked at before Himmler is one of the most well known figures to be responsible for designing, leading and implementing the horrors of the WWII. Holding the highest rank in the SS order as 'Reichsführer' Himmler was the most prominent Nazi leader next to Hitler and less than half a dozen other party executives. To give you somewhat of an understanding of the scope of his responsibility let's quote Wikipedia directly: "As overseer of the concentration camps, extermination camps, and Einsatzgruppen (literally: task forces, often used as killing squads), Himmler coordinated the killing of some six million Jews, between 200,000 and 500,000 Roma, many prisoners of war, and possibly another three to four million Poles, communists, or other groups whom the Nazis deemed unworthy to live, including homosexuals, people with physical and mental disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses, and members of the Confessing Church. Shortly before the end of the war, he offered to surrender both Germany and himself to the Western Allies if he were spared prosecution. After being arrested by British forces on 22 May 1945, he committed suicide the following day before he could be questioned." However, Himmler not only was the engineer of the horrors of the Holocaust and concentration camps, he was also the central gate for all occult influences that fed the current of Nazism. The main medium to focus his efforts on and through which he aimed to 'transform' German society was his black order of the SS or Schutzstaffel. We know from historic evidence that Himmler saw much more in the SS than just a paramilitary organization. For him the SS was directly linked to the tradition of medieval orders of knights and warrior monks and its mission was deeply rooted in metaphysical grounds. Comparing the SS to Catharism - and following the leads of Otto Rahn in doing so - Himmler was convinced of the essential human-breeding ('menschenzüchterische') responsibility of his order and saw a strong requirement to train new members as thoroughly on metaphysics and ideology as on war tactics (Sünner, p.78). The central poles of Himmler's SS order were clan and ancestral cults as well as the pre-Christian world of the Northern Gods and runic lore. In order to mold these elements into a consistent ideology and doctrine Northern myths such as the Icelandic Sagas, the Edda, the story of King Arthur and the Nibelungs were ruthlessly exploited, intentionally simplified, bended and broken in order to fit the artificial ideology of occult Nazism. What is most startling about this, however, is Himmler's strangely complex character itself: The same man that visited a concentration camp to order execution of hundreds of captives in a single blow, that ordered that the campaign into the East to kill at least 30 million inhabitants, would sit down a few hours later to consider subtle details of the rituals and regalia of the SS order, write detailed letters about the design of the visitor centre for site of a Germanic worship or involve himself patiently into the preparation for sanctification games during Germanic holidays. I guess looking closely at Heinrich Himmler, his work and particular way of thinking teaches us one of the most scary insights to be understood: If our convictions are deeply rooted enough, if the needle of our faith is pointing into a single direction stable enough - we will turn blind to the gap between the real-life impact of our actions and the higher goals we pursue. Both deepest cruelty and sincerest love can co-exist, reside side by side in a heart that has turned black in the fires of faith. Belief is the most dangerous power we humans can harvest - or be harvested by. 
I titled this post series 'demon drones' - aiming at a better understanding of the demonic forces that drove the current of Nazism as well as the role some of the leading occult protagonists played in setting it free. In a hive a drone's main function is to be ready to fertilize a receptive queen. Maybe there is something we can learn from drones about the main function of the four people described above? Maybe their purpose was to fertilize a current that was ready to come through, to emerge from the inner realms and disrupt and destroy what had been established before. Maybe their individual actions were small to the extent of being meaningless - like burying bottles in the shape of a swastika in the ashes of a fire... Yet all of them had a place, a single mark to leave for others to follow - until the rivulet turned into a river and the river into a stream. Maybe they all added one drop of water but the stream buried 50 to 70 million people who all had their own dreams of marriage, of children and leading a happy life.

So let's not fool ourselves. Wether we add a single drop or unscrew a whole fire hoarse we all have a choice. Always. We know it from the bold people who resisted the Nazis, who died in revolt and Hitler's failed assassination attempts. It is what sets us apart from all other beings: we are given the power to believe and now we must struggle to control it. Himmler and his occult entourage followed their own faith - until it had completely swallowed them, eaten them alive and only left their walking bodies, their empty shells - unable to recognize the true impact of their actions, numbed icons of fascism.

So if we all have a drop of water to add - which current do we chose?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Demon Drones - on the mediums of the Magical Current of Nazism - part 1

Since I began to study the magical roots of the Nazis in the Inner Library a lot of understanding and insight has come through. Earlier I tried to summarize the essential flow and the unfolding of demonic energy from Malkuth to Kether in my report 'The Bridge'.

What I learned since then, however, is how to align this inner perspective with historical facts. Where the Inner Library holds the wisdom, the inner patterns or essence of history it is our job as humans to reconnect this inner wisdom with the actual events that took place on the material realm... In the inner realms we are given keys to doors that patiently wait for us on the outer realms. It is our job to bridge these worlds and bring both together again. Only then can we look into the mirror from both sides.

For the magical current of the Nazis that means identifying the actual people and places who acted as catalysts or mediums for the demonic energies to come through and materialize. Who was it that threw the first stone and started the (magical) avalanche whose path of destruction we still can see on the German lands today? Whose work provided the dry straw waiting silently for the first sparks to fall and let the world go up in flames?

Well, I guess we all will argue that unfolding an avalanche like WWII takes a lot of stones to be thrown - or a lot of preconditions to align. That is certainly true. There are many European currents of the 19th and even 18th century that lead up to the events emerging around 1900 in Austria and Germany: industrialization, urbanization, democratization and individualization to name just a few. The rise of science and the decline of the church, the emergence of political parties, the fear of communism and rulership of the mob amongst broad layers of society as well as the loss of collective myths, traditions and belief system in exchange for enlightenment, rationale insights and urban 'modern' lifestyles... 

Goodrick-Clarke's 'The Occult Roots of Nazism' paints the full picture of the time and trends that laid the fundament for the Nazis to emerge and build on it. Overflowing with details and quotes I can only recommend his book to anyone interested - as well as Rüdiger Sünner's 'Schwarze Sonne' for all German speakers which is slightly more accessible.    

However, even with all these broad currents carrying entire nations towards WWI and WWII a few people stand out from a magical perspective. Interestingly enough these people tend to be relatively unknown still. Even many Germans - who all spend several years in history classes during elementary school and college to go through the horrors of the Nazi regime repeatedly - wouldn't know these names. And if the occult roots of Nazism have been kept under a blanket of silence for many decades we will understand why once we took a closer look at them: It is so much easier to perceive Nazis as merciless monsters that emerged from the dark of time and were thrown back into it after 1945 than to perceive them as human beings with hearts and minds and hopes like all of us, but who were completely led astray by something much bigger and more concealed than all their magical efforts.

If anything these people acted as 'demon drones' - thinking of themselves as protagonists in a giant play to unfold - where in reality the currents they released was riptides carrying others and themselves like leaves and out into the open sea...
  • Guido von List (1848–1919): From what I know it's Guido von List and his works where we first come across the living pulse of what should turn into the mythology of Nazism during later years. What is most interesting is that von List's occult studies all started with a deep appreciation and passion for remote nature: What was supposed to lay the fundament for the mass destruction of entire nations and cities was first encountered in the open forests and fields of Austria... Far from civilization and cities, irrespective of sunshine or rain, snow or storm, on every occasion von List is roaming through the deep forests of Austria in search of forgotten cult places, ancient ruins and mystical contact with his supposedly Germanic ancestors. It's only over time that his remote excursions extend into ritual gatherings joined by friends and like-minded. During a rite at the pagan ruins of Carnuntum wine bottles are buried in the form of a swastika below the ashes of a fire - evoking the 'fire curl' of the god Mundelföri. And von List summons the old gods to return from Valhalla once new wars are raising against the abhorred Romans... It is von List who also publishes the book 'Secret of the Runes' that should become a highly influential source of so called runic and Germanic lore. Just shortly before his death von List frighteningly augurs a new leader to arise even before 1932: "The powerful one from above (...), a divine-mental power source whose onset will be like a spring storm after all the horrors of the present day which we have to experience and which will chase away all the bleak demonic clouds of winter."  (Sünner, p.16, transl. by Acher)
  • Adolf Lanz (1874-1954): A friend of Guido von List and equally convinced about a so called 'Aryan-Germanic' reincarnation the Austrian mystic Adolf Lanz plays another key role in contributing both to the body of thought as well as the emerging organization of Aryan occult and racist currents in Austria and Germany. After a short stint as a monk he starts publishing as a freelance 'Mythenforscher' (myth researcher) under the name of Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels. Just like with von List we find a stark tendency in his writings to reduce multidimensional, complex mythical narrations to a superficial yet artificially clear meaning. Deep fractures towards historic as well as scientific facts are naively neglected and overlooked in order to force a molding of ideas, pseudo-historic events and painfully reduced mythical structures to comply and support a preconceived vision of Aryan domination in ancient times. And just as von List's later works Lanz' writings are quickly moving from a resurgence of ancient Germanic gods towards a call to war against the perceived enemies that are blamed to have deformed and ultimately buried the old traditions in the first place. What started as an evocation of gods long asleep increasingly turns into a cry of war - for hate and rage seem to be the seals of the currents awoken... In 1907 Lanz purchases a castle at the river Donau and founds the 'Orden des Neuen Tempel' (order of the new temple). The central theme around which this newly founded temple revolves is the one of King Arthur and the search for the holy grail. And it's here on castle Werfenstein that in a specially prepared temple room self-written rituals are performed, formulas of conjuration are recited and the old gods are invoked in order to wipe out all inferior peoples and enemies... And even though WWII and the founding of the Nazi party is still years away in Lanz' writings form his magazine 'Ostara' we can already find frightening details about how this 'divine wipe out' should best happen: the reader comes across suggestions for forced deportations, castrations, sterilizations, incinerations as well as 'Zuchtmutterklöster' (breeding-mother-monasteries') - all of which should be turned into deadly reality by the Nazis two decades later.   

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Book Review - Josephine McCarthy: Magical Knowledge I, Foundations

There is a significant difference between ritual and visionary magic. Unfortunately it is so significant, so essential in nature that for people who have practiced ritual magic for years it's quite hard to get their heads around it. It's actually not unlike trying to solve a creative thinking puzzle. It bends your brain until it hurts - or someone shows you the solution (at least in my case that is).

To fully understand the impact Josephine McCarthy's Magical Knowledge I can make on traditional ritual magic it is important to better understand this puzzle first. Well, here is my take on it in a nutshell... 

In ritual magic the essential goal is to summon spirits. In most cases they are either summoned into a triangle or a black mirror. And in most cases it is their voices heard by the magician that are proof of their presence. In rare cases success might go beyond this and the spirits appear visibly on a surface or in a fleeting body made of shadows or smoke. The one stable condition in all these cases is that the spirit is summoned to the place where the magician resides. And as this place is always somewhere on the material realm ritual magic forces spirits to come through in a realm that is different to the one they naturally dwell in. So far so good.

The only problem is that the spirits actually very rarely 'come through' fully. Most magical rituals work much more like a phone call. The carefully created sigil together with the name of the spirit work as the telephone number, the circle, altar and paraphernalia make up the telephone booth and by use of evocations, suffumigations and barbarous names we hook ourselves into the power network...  

And that's exactly where things have gone wrong in ritual magic - at least for the last three centuries. Most of us - speaking as ritual magician myself - have adopted exactly this concept at the core of our practice: these days our 'Arte' revolves around trying to make the best phone calls. We treat the process of reading out telephone numbers like arcane secrets and apply anal rigor and discipline in learning international, country and local area codes by heart - just to dial into spirit country and waiting for someone on the other line to pick up the receiver... Funny enough, more often than not it seems to work.

A set of great telephone
numbers from Horst's 7 volume
Yet, if you approach things thoroughly learning how to make your first proper phone call will take years. It requires studying ancient magical telephone books (i.e. Grimoires), redialing dead numbers that worked a hundred years ago as tenants have long moved, as well as learning the traditional ways of touching the dial plate - right index finger only! - and learning welcome and goodbye messages from the Middle Ages by heart...

And while we are all so incredibly busy with reading, interpreting, re-enacting the modes of telephone rituals, we have forgotten one truly essential thing. And that is to put down the receiver, to unplug the phone, to get our valleys out of the cupboard, pocket a loaf of bread, some cheese and a knife, put a note on the fridge - and leave the damn house.

And that's the difference between ritual and visionary magic. In visionary magic the practitioner of the Arte is taught how to travel where the spirits reside. Instead of dialing them up, you go out and explore the land, the living energies and currents, the pathways and temples of the spirits themselves. 

Now, Magical Knowledge I is not a textbook on visionary magic. It actually goes well beyond that. It's goal - in my eyes - is to help us bringing these two worlds back together again. In its core it is a book that teaches how to create and open doors between the spirit and the material realms. In order to do so it strips down the ritual magical process to its bare bones: a room, a candle, a bowl of water or a stone and complete silence. From there onwards it's all about the magician traveling out into the realms of the spirit and bringing back contacts, their influence and presence into the material realm. Essential, raw, hard and beautiful work.

So instead of summoning gatekeepers this book teaches you how to become one. The most essential ingredients on this journey, however, aren't the magical skills you are taught in most occult orders or training books. Your ability to create, open and watch these doors between realms depends on very different things - and certainly not on a lionskin-belt or a carved ivory wand. What will define, cripple or expand your skills and works as a magician are the natural interfaces through which we all continuously communicate with the spirit realm - without training or telephone calls that is. These interfaces are your true intent, your heart's emotions as well as your everyday state of mind. 

The book is the first in a trilogy and its subtitle is called 'foundations'. I guess, that's a pretty accurate description of the point one should have reached on their magical and general life's path to start the type of work laid out in it... Before any foundations can be build a single fixed point is needed. The very first step in building any temple of the ancients was to find the place where it should come through. Often this place was shown to the priests by the gods. In our case it won't be that easy. We need to find out ourselves if and when we are ready to commit, to lay the first stone of our own foundation in working with the inner contacts. 

Each door opened, each ritual conducted in a contacted way comes with no uncertain level of personal responsibility. It's the responsibility for one's own intent, for one's body and mind that will be affected in no ambiguous terms, but also for the contacts we work with and the land and the others we affect in this work. The time has to be right for you to embark on this journey.

Personally I have made telephone calls for the last 15 years. I am still continuing to do so in my Arbatel Experience. It's a wonderful way of learning and exploring. And most of the time it is done by listening to what the spirits on the other end of the line actually have to tell me. Many magicians have come a long way using this approach. Just look at the impressive results a liminal magician like Jake Stratton-Kent is able to produce with his classic approach based on the old Grimoires - yet not abused as telephone books but brought back to life again through the spirits that once helped to write them. 

Magical Knowledge I is essentially different from this in two important ways. As discussed above it stops performing magic form telephone booths - but rather teaches how to cut a door into the wall for the magician to step through into the inner realms and encounter the spirits face to face. Yet, it also lays the foundation for a completely different level of magical work. One where the focus of the work isn't on the wishes and desires of the mage, one where magic isn't used as a delivery service for the magician's needs. But one where the magician steps back into the ancient chain of beings - connecting spirits, demons, angels and humans alike - and starts to work unconditionally in supporting not his work but the work that has to be done.

So this book will be a precious gift to you if you are ready to let go of your own magical agenda. If you are ready to ultimately turn into a magical tool on the altar of some larger beings than we can image, if you are ready to trust. If you aren't ready, however, take your time. 'Cause otherwise its techniques could give you a smooth ride on a road along the coast of the spirit realms - that leads right down to self-ruin.


I am well aware that I haven't spoken in detail about the actual content, chapters and exercises shared in the book. For this review I felt it was more important to look at the place of this important publication in light of the modern Grimoire Revival as well as the classic approaches to teaching ritual magic in the West. 

Now that we know where this road will take us it's time to kick into action. So for a closer look at the actual exercises of the book I invite you to join me on future posts to come - where we will take some of the exercises from theory into action and look at the results they yield in practice. Quite astonishing results that is as I can tell from the practice I conducted so far. Yet as this type of magical work falls under the category of 'magic with gloves off' we better brace ourselves - and chose if we are ready to pay the full price before we make the first step.