Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Simplify your Magic - or how to make dreams come true (part 1)

For a start let's consider this: each new thing we chose to buy is a new friend we invite to live with us. A new friend who moves in with us and for whom we should care. Each thing we acquire has a right to lead a life of its own. It will dwell with us in our house and be around us for years - wether its a pair of shoes, new cutlery, a DVD or a book. Each choice comes with a commitment: to take ownership, to be present and to provide support. 

I guess in the long run consumption can turn out to be much more work than we think? If we don't watch it closely at some point it will lead to a house full of friends... and with almost no space left for ourselves. 

Earlier this year I shared a post about Less Creation, more Integration. The last months came with some very interesting and pretty painful lessons. Yet they taught me how to  simplify my magic.

Here is the basic choice: if you dream small you will be okay with doing a lot of small things at the same time. Small things have the tendency to be okay with other small things around them. It might get a bit messy in your living room or life at some point. But then small things are quick to clean up or to throw away, to finish off or to start afresh... 

If, however, you tend to dream big you will either a) have a lot of big dreams at the same time and achieve none or b) painfully learn how to focus your energy, attention and creativity. 

This as well as the following posts in this small series is written for all magicians who fall under the latter category. Or to be more precise, for all the ones who think they fall under the latter, but on close observation aren't really quite there yet... like yours truly. 

The beauty as well as the challenge with big dreams is that it takes a lot of work to turn them into reality. Nothing more but also nothing less: solid, pure, raw, hard work. Everything is possible if we can concentrate our energy long enough. Actually, this is how we get the most from the energy that will be given to us over a life-time: purely by focussing it, by simplifying everything else around it and by keeping it concentrated on the next adjacent big goal on our life's journey. For as long as it takes.

At the end of the day we have all the freedom we can imagine. Everything is and can be possible. As long as we can concentrate our energy, attention and creativity long enough. And keep it focussed until our dream or magic is fulfilled.

Here are a few things that can take some of the pain out of this learning process. Consider it a 'blister pad' on your life's journey towards your own pure, raw and beautiful form of magic. It could be much more than that - but the reality is we only turn so much into action of what we read on blogs in a day... Either way, some big magical dreams might come true from it eventually. Chances are high they won't without...


1) Focus your devotion. 

In magic the power source of all our actions is limited: it is the determined intend with which we untertake our rites. In a world where everything promises instant access and gratification the word commitment sounds old-fashioned and is something we easily get unused to...  So let me take the opposite view: If you approach your magical life like a series of one night stands how much commitment will that evoke in the the spirits you work with? 

Even if for a short period of our lives only - a series of months, a series of weeks - every magical rite deserves to be fueled by our complete devotion at that particular point in time. Just like a woman can only be pregnant with one father’s child at any point in time. When we set out to work with the land, the ancestors, a certain rank of spirits they all equally deserve our full devotion. Our intent is the womb and our body is the athanor through which our magical offsprings are born. It's our choice that decides how 'intact' they will enter this world. 

Suggestion: In order to simplify your magic focussing your devotion can be a great first step. If your heart’s intend was a compass where does its needle point towards - and how stable will it be once you set in motion to get there?

2)  Plan with the end in mind. 

In magic a lot has been said and written about our True Will. The compass needle of our heart’s intend is just another word for it. If you are advanced enough on your journey, if your inner listening skills have developed sufficiently this point to simplify your magic will be of little use to you. For all others like me it is crucial. 

Despite all the talking about our True Will little has been written on how to actually discover it - practically and hands-on I mean. For me I discovered it on my journey almost by accident and - like with a broken radio - still lose the signal ever so often. The voice I hear is crackling and fades in and out all the times, different speakers overlap... But at least I know where to find the radio and am learning how to tune it. Finding it, however, was a pure by-product of the rites I undertook. 

So until you have found and learned to listen to it you need something else that helps you identify the right course of action... Why? Because to start with we all need to cut a path through the fickle voices of our everyday desires, our ego-wishes, our dreams of power and public prominence and the barricades and barriers put up by our own guardians of the  threshold. The blade that cuts through all of this is called determination

I guess that's the paradox every learner has to experience themselves: until you find that place where your heart speaks in truth you cannot trust your inner voices. So to escape the maze of inner voices you will need to set a clear path - and then simply follow it. 

Suggestion: In order to simplify your magic planning with the end in mind is hugely helpful. Once you have set your course be determined to work through all steps necessary, one by one, come what might to get to your goal. Just like in life in magic you are entitled to nothing until you have earned it.

:: to be continued ::



  1. I agree with your sentiments. With the age of information upon us, everything is so much easier to access.

    These past few months, I've been on a journey to have sorcery down to a minimal practice but everyday, I find something new and the temptation is just too much.

    I am making strides but it's a hard fought battle.

  2. Saturn is a great teacher indeed. Thanks, Mr. Black.

  3. This is very sound advice. At least once a day I have to remind myself: "better to do 1 thing well than many badly or not at all". With training it's possible to do more at the same tie, but even then I expect it is a constant juggling act to keep all the balls moving at the same time.

  4. Another inspiring post Frater Acher, thanks for that ! It is devotion and determination which are the start to manifesting our intentions, indeed. And what you said is so true: To give your intent the full attention and devotion it deserves for the amount of time it needs to grow and finally give birth to it. Thats stuff i am going to think about and see what i can make out of for my own magick.

    Cheers Frater Acher

  5. I think that's the good thing about Ceremonial Magic. I have never doubted that I am being lead by God down the paths that will work best for me. So I find it much easier to devote myself to a goal, as each goal I feel is a necessary planned step which I am supposed to complete to the full level. I feel like I am holding up God's plan for me, if I have a set back or mess it up.

    Without religion, I suppose people must replace faith in a necessary step, with focus on the hope of the good result at the end. Im not sure I could practice magic to the level that I do if I was focussed that way, but I hope people find whatever helps them achieve success, and through the journey they will find God anyway.

  6. Thank you for this post. Good food for thought indeed.
    I jotted down some simple notes on my blog about some basic principles that might concern this matter. As i said, basic stuff, but i'd love to know what you think about them when/if you have the time.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. Excellent, thanks for sharing. I will take a look later during the weekend... I must say though from what I read - you got a truly wonderful way of working with language.

  8. Thank you very much. That's very kind of you.
    Actually i don't trust words that much, but that's another story...