Saturday, 5 March 2011

Everyday Egregores

Magick can happen in really unforeseen circumstances and places. Each time this happens to me it's a wonderful surprise and delight to visit the spirits outside of the circle. Here is an account of one such situation that happened to me this week...

One of my favorite places to relax is the treadmill in my small, local gym. Its located in the lower ground floor together with about ten other cardio machines. I tend to chose a place close to the back wall so I see all the other machines quietly waiting in front of me... This week the sun was shining and I felt full of energy when stepping on the machine. I put on music and after a few minutes found myself pondering about the discussion on energy that has kept the blogosphere busy over recent weeks...  

As shared in the previous post in my eyes it pretty much is a decision of perspective how you chose to address reality. Anything can be perceived as an accumulation of energy, the shape of a spirit or the result of program code. Certainly the perspective that comes most natural to me is to view the world as a place inhabited by and shared with spirits.

I hadn't really finished this thought as it got interrupted by something else. It was the immediate desire to put things into practice, to experience the reality of what was in my mind in this very moment... So how would it look and feel like to treat these treadmills not as dead machines but as living spirits?

I looked around in the room and found myself alone. I had been on the machine for about 10 min running at 10km/h and starting to feel the rush of energy and pace that comes with it. At the same moment my iPod changed the music to this tune by Flashmob. Suddenly as my gaze wondered over the other treadmills I could see something like a pack of wolves hunting down a hill. It was me and the other machines in spirit form. The image was amazingly clear and vivid and powerful took over control immediately...

For the next ten minutes I followed the spirit forms of the machines wherever they wanted to take me... We took the shapes of wolves and ran over hills, on the top of a mountain we shifted shapes into huge black birds and sailed into valleys over forrests and meadows, we hit the ground and turned into fantastic creatures that I cannot describe. Their speed was amazing and the landscape flew by like traveling on a speed train, I felt the air on my chest and in my hair and all around us. Suddenly we were in dark caves, still running and speeding through narrow hallways and huge halls. It looked like the caves in Lord of the Rings, I still allowed the images to take whatever shape they wanted. My pack flew through the dark halls. Finally we found an exit through a tunnel high up in the walls and ascended back into heaven....

Feel free to consider me simple minded. But by the time we left the cage I was crying and smiling while still running on the treadmill. You know, normally I don't tend to cry or smile like a deranged on treadmills. Normally, I tend to listen to podcasts or music and enjoy the quietness of this lower ground floor area. Yet, this day was different and the energy flowing out of these images into my body was exhilarating and - in simple words - completely out of mind. 

I continued to run another 30min after this experience, still checking the other treadmills every now and then and pondered over what had actually happened? Well, here is what I took from it: These machines did 'reply' very well when addressed in spirit forms. What had happened was that I had hit a pocket of energy hidden in these machines... More precisely, my approach to them as spirits allowed me to tap into the energy that all other people using them over the previous years had charged into them. These machines' meaning of life was to experience motion and speed - nothing else as they are treadmill spirits. Because of that the energy or life-force charged into them had been highly consistent, i.e. they had only been used for a single purpose by many different people over a relatively long period of time. And nobody had ever released this energy.

Now, when you look up the term Egregore on Wikipedia, this is what you get:

Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a "thoughtform" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme.

I guess I had been completely blind to the simple fact that a 'group of people' doesn't need to be conscious about the fact that they are participating in this group to create an Egregore. Nor does an Egregore depend on a conscious decision of its 'charging members' to be created. Isn't this a beautiful reminder of the first law of the occult: Magick just works - anywhere, anytime - we simply tend to forget how real it is.

Obviously, this experience left me wondering what other 'Everyday Egregores' we all might charge subconsciously everyday? And just like in this example nobody might have released their spirit force yet...

Well, here is to a happy hunting for Everyday Egregores.


  1. It would be interesting to find out if the egregore of a marathon has a similar feel. But perhaps not that of a protest march...

  2. Hi Simon, I guess the challenge for an egregore of a marathon is that it lackes of physical representation, i.e. a spirit body? The treadmills in the studio are (!) the body of the egregore in this case. That's where the energy is charged into, e.g. if I carry them into another room the energy still remains in the treadmill. For a marathon we just got a few hundred people running the streets - but not a center of focus and attention on a physical level I guess?